Willsie Lumber is a family owned company founded by Grant Willsie Sr. in 1948.  We are a hardwood grade sawmill producing 4 million board feet per year.  We take pride in the quality of our product & our close relationship with our customers.  Red oak & white oak, hard maple & soft maple and black cherry are just a few of the hardwoods we handle. 
At Willsie, we believe in nurturing & preserving our future forests.
Willsie Lumber primarily manufactures green hardwood grade lumber with secondary products of sawdust and shredded bark mulch.
Willsie Lumber Company services are not just limited to being a wholesale sawmill.  We buy standing timber.
  •  Free select cut estimates
  •  Total harvest including pulpwood
  •  Wildlife management advice.
  •  Fully insured forest technician on staff
  •  References available upon request
Willsie Lumber is located near Freeland, Michigan.
Saginaw county is in the central part of the state which gives us the unique ability to cover most of the lower penninsula with our woodland services.
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Contact Information
Phone:  989-695-5094
Fax:  989-695-4650
Email:  denny@willsielumber.com
Willsie Lumber Company
9770 Pierce Rd.
Freeland, MI  48623